Ninca Leece's biography

Brazil, China, Poland, Finland, Japan, Russia, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy: Ninca Leece, a trained vocalist and indie artist at heart, has certainly gone the distance to bring her very own interpretation of contemporary electronic pop music to the people. And it goes something like this: musically socialized through early New Order and My Bloody Valentine, Ninca conjures up immortal melodies out of experimental electronic dance, aided by her box of tricks (her "laboratory", as she calls it). She flirts dreamily with synth pop, mixing the whole thing up with a sprinkling of noise, analogue instruments and field recordings. ‘While the record has its roots in an icy, north-European aesthetic, Leece's vocals add a warmth that elevates these tracks from nightclub back room to crossover pop material.

She modestly describes her first album, ‘There is no one else when I lay down and dream,’ released on Bureau B in 2010 as "a collection of my experiments in sound and emotions ¬ lots of funny little things, broken hearted sounds and melodies. It's about glitchiness, quirkiness, sexiness."

Ninca Leece spent her youth in Rennes, France before, on coming of age, moving to Holland. Rotterdam & Amsterdam, to be precise, where she studied music production and singing. ''She eventually wound up in Berlin, a city whose imprint is indelibly registered on Leece’s music: you’ll find the glitchy bounce of the micro-house so prevalent in the area, but also remnants of the turn of the century marriage of indie rock and electronic sensibilities.'' Since then, she has toured the globe as musician, composer, singer and producer, resolutely defending her musical independence, which is so important to her.

Her concept evolves musically and aesthetically as she intertwines her love for analogue instruments with toy keyboards, percussions. Her show is based upon a visual interaction with her music whenever it is possible ––a lush audio-visual affair led by her own endearing vocals.

Her ep 'Feed me rainbows' was released on thesongsays in spring 2010 with amazing reviews all around.

Her collaboration with Bruno Pronsato (Public Lover), has many critics and fans grasping for more. The duo has released two singles - 'Musique d'Hiver pour l'Eté on thesongsays and 'Naked figures' on Telegraph records in 2011, and they finally released their first opus 'A broken Shape of you' in February 2012, which was warmly welcomed by critics (the album received the prestigious Télérama 4 keys in France). Their style immediately struck a chord, with their song "I Try" landing in Resident Advisor's top tracks of the year. The duo has since played live around the world, from Panorama bar to Warehouse 702 in Tokyo, to Seattle’s Decibel festival .

She wrote the score for ‘Breaking Horizons’ (‘Am Himmel der Tag’ – directed by Pola Beck), which has been invited by many international Film festivals and has won many prices (Zürich International film festival price for best German movie / Hessischer Filmpreis 2013 for best movie etc).

She has been commissioned in 2016 to work on the sound of an installation for the "+ultra gestaltung schafft wissen" exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin (30.9.16/18.1.17).

She is currently working on her second solo album.