Public Lover - What She Saw

What She Saw - Public Lover from False Manners Productions on Vimeo.

by Ninca Leece // 14-01-2017

Installation for Martin Gropius Bau

I was lucky to work on the sound/music for a really nice installation for Martin Gropius Bau. You can still check it until 08/01/2017. The exhibiton is called ultra+. Gestaltung schafft wissen (Knowledge & gestaltung).
by Ninca Leece // 20-12-2016

Am Himmel der Tag

For German people: AM HIMMEL DER TAG läuft nächste Woche Mittwoch, den 16.11. nochmal im TV um 22.25h auf 3sat!
by Ninca Leece // 14-11-2016

Exhibition at Marting Gropius Bau

Today is the opening of the ultra+. Gestaltung schafft wissen at Martin Gropius Bau. I made the sound for one installation about Tunicates, directed by Yael Reuveny and Clemens Walter. Exciting!
by Ninca Leece // 30-09-2016

TLN festival

Although the TLN festival was sadly cancelled (last minute - safety reasons), thanks to the generosity of the promoters and their friends, we made the show happen. So much fun!
by Ninca Leece // 21-08-2016

Public Lover at TLN Festival

Playing soon in Toulon!
by Ninca Leece // 18-07-2016

CABAL festival

Such a beautiful time at Cabal festival, in the Botanical garden of Bucharest...magic
by Ninca Leece // 12-06-2016


On this first official winter day, here Koritsaki (long version): a first take, rough mix from my upcoming album unpolished, a studio session with my good friends Yann Tordeonde Lesueur Yonatan Levi & Tim Kroker Enjoy!
by Ninca Leece // 22-12-2015

Finishing my new album...

...almost there!
by Ninca Leece // 11-11-2015

Public Lover at Romance Club

Tonight, Chalet in Berlin...
by Ninca Leece // 21-09-2015

Shows with Public Lover

Couple of shows with Public Lover...this weekend in Rome!
by Ninca Leece // 11-07-2015

Am Himmel der Tag/La naissance du jour

Über eine Million Menschen in Frankreich und Deutschland sahen am letzten Freitag AM HIMMEL DER TAG auf arte. Plus d'un million de personnes ont regardé La naissance du jour vendredi sur arte. Merci!!
by Ninca Leece // 14-02-2014

Breaking Horizons on Arte

Breaking Horizons goes primetime! It will be shown ob February 7th at 20:15 on ARTE
by Ninca Leece // 05-02-2014

1st Public Lover Berlin show after baby break!

We play Public Lover tomorrow at Ritter Butzke with Playlove, Mary Jane, Styro2000 etc... Excited!
by Ninca Leece // 17-10-2013


Hello! A long stretch of silence....but I've been busy with my new album and...diapers. I will update this page more often in a near future. Hope you stay with me!
by Ninca Leece // 16-10-2013

Breaking Horizons

The movie for which i wrote music, ‘Breaking Horizons’ (‘Am Himmel der Tag’ – directed by Pola Beck), is currently being invited by many international Film festivals and has already recently a couple of prices (Zürich International film festival price for best movie in German language).
by Ninca Leece // 27-10-2012

A broken shape of you

A broken shape of you finally out!!! Telegraph Records and Thesongsays
by Ninca Leece // 15-02-2012

Ninca's live set

You can still listen to my live set which was mix of the day on de bug
by Ninca Leece // 13-12-2011

Musique D’Hiver Pour L’Été

Public Lover (Bruno Pronsato & Ninca Leece) locked themselves away in their quiet Prenzlauer Berg studio in January. Their mission: creating music for summer. We feel they were overwhelmingly successful. Musique D’Hiver Pour L’Été is all about warm instrumentation with a special emphasis on an intentional lo-fi production. you might hear the recording process – a transparency in process to bring you personally into their studio. it might even be a statement in an age of digitalism and overproduction. It rides the line between romantic techno and sultry disco. It’s a record to grind with your lover to in the hottest clubs of summer, it’s also one to put on while laying half naked in the sun, or djing at your mother’s bbq. Keeping in line with Ninca and Bruno’s solo work, there is also the elements of the so-called, ‘accidentally avant-garde,’ one of the cornerstones of thesongsays. More importantly, however, there is the underlying theme of romanticism and elegance. Ninca’s balmy vocals and jazzy keyboard hooks are the backdrop for a night on the town while Bruno’s tight rhythm section is the reason to go home and wrap up with your lover. As a digital bonus, our man Anthony Collins turns up the heat on the dancefloor side of things with an ambitious and strikingly emotional remix of We Are. Taking the bare bones of the track and adding his own musical genius to the mix.
by Ninca Leece // 15-09-2010

Video for Feed me rainbows (dir. Marco Morandi)

by Ninca Leece // 10-05-2010